About Me

I'm a Professional Handyman serving Allen County,KY and beyond. I have many years of experience in the business. When you hire me you're getting the best man for the Job. I mostly work alone, but I have select individuals help me on larger Jobs. My pickup truck is full size 22ft in length, I also have a tow behind 7x16 cargo trailer if needed. I bring my own tools and can rent anything else needed. I charge by the SQFT or Hourly with a guaranteed amount of hours. I charge a fee for an estimate and charge so much per mile of travel. I can provide Five Solid References from people as well. 

Experienced With:

Interior/Exterior Painting,Trim Work,Bathroom/Kitchen Remodeling, Windows, Doors, Deck,Porch,Carport,Construction,Basic Home Remodeling/Renovation,Drywall Installation/Repair. 

And Various Other Services!

Contact me at:

Email: jamesbudem@hotmail.com

Phone: 270-943-2901

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