Buddy McBurnett

We have had James do many repairs on our Church in Franklin,KY. He does such great work! Thank you so Much! 

I also had him fix my roof leaks on my house after a bad storm! He knows his stuff and is the best!


Tony Humbert

James has helped us out time and time again at our Church in Franklin,KY! Anytime we needed something repaired he was right there to help us out! I'd say he is a Master of many trades!  Best Handyman around!


Don Lindekugel 

I have hired James to fix our little Franklin,KY Church many times over the years, when it needed repairs. He is a Handyman and can do anything!  

From building us a shed ramp, repairing our riding mower, painting the siding on our church, painting the inside of our Fellowship building, Caulking all our windows, installing new speakers to the cement block wall above our Pulpit, rebuilding our old toilets, installing metal hand railing to the cement steps outside, replacing the Fascia board on front of the Church so our gutter would not fall off, anchoring down our church pews to the concrete slab "Safety Hazard", repairing our outside/inside light fixtures, installed new Double Door on the front of our church, after a bad storm he replaced blown off shingles on our church's roof, cut up and removed fallen pine trees in our church's yard.

I also hired him to paint my house's basement, he did such a wonderful job!


Jim Martz

I hired James to paint my house in Portland,TN. James does such wonderful work he is truly gifted. My house looks like new! It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a house! I recommend him, he is a true professional and is efficient.


Joe Sinclair 

Our Church in Portland,TN hired James to paint a house for an elderly couple of our Church who could not afford to pay the cost of having their house painted. James took on this job for us out of his busy schedule and he is such a professional! The house looks great! We all here are very pleased with James and his quality of work!